Discover Dream Theater – Oculus Rift Experience

Hey there Prog Rock and Dream Theater fans,

There is no denial about the fact that Dream Theater is my favorite band. Having worked for them on the past tour creating videos for their Live-Show, I felt like creating a little “extra” for myself and those new to Dream Theater. Many of you may have used/seen the Oculus Rift. I myself am a big fan of this technology and have owned the first and second iteration of the device. There were a few issues I had to tackle along the way but the “Discover Dream Theater” app is now ready to be played by fans and those interested in the band/experience. So if you happen to own the Oculus Rift Developer Kit, I hope you enjoy this small demo/experience!

Windows VR (Oculus Rift) Version:  Download me

Mac VR (Oculus Rift) Version: Download me


Please use W,A,S,D keys or an xBox Controller to move through the room and your Mouse to look around. Move close to the Images of the band members or albums to active album track names and short bio along with a sound sample. To exit the application simple press “ESC”.

PS: If you would like to get in touch for your very own VR Experience/Project please use the contact form!




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