Some new stuff for the Unity Asset Store!

Hey guys! Good to see you again. My goal this year is to crank up production for the Unity Asset Store. The Asset Store is an awesome way for people who can’t afford an artist or programmer to get extensions or art assets. The store has a bit of everything for anybody really! I finished two new assets lately!

Check my current Store offerings:!/publisher/9715

First in line was a PBR Ready Asteroid Pack. As a Elite Dangerous fan I just had to give that a shot 😉 You can check out a video of them here:

I usually go with the flow so I was in the mood for some Sci-Fi/Futuristic Grenades inspired by various other grenades/concepts out there. I think they turned out nice as well. A video of the finished version can be found here:

Below are some screenshots of both Assets:

G_01 G_03 G_05 01 02 03


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